The Travellist Magazine

What is The Travellist?

Is it a magazine? A noun? An occupation?

The answer to that would appear to be three-pronged. First, it is about freedom. The freedom to go where you want and do what you want and meet who you want. Second, it is a mentality. To explore the unknown, to share your ideas and to learn from others. And third, it is a realisation – that travelling is a privilege, one that is often taken for granted by those who are able to do so so freely yet a luxury for others who can only dream of going on such adventures.

Thus The Travellist is dedicated to the stalward “travellist” – an adventurer who seeks to explore, experience and engage with the world. With the ideal to bridge nations, peoples, cultures and ideas, the Travellist magazine is reaching for a global audience of humanitarians, new or experienced, to share their knowledge of the world around us.

The NGO Photographers Alliance is proud to present our humanitarian magazine The Travellist which serves to exhibit select images from participants in the Mentorship Program, as well as showcasing the work of established photographers and raising awareness to the projects of select NGOs. At the end of each program, participants have the opportunity to showcase their visual series in an upcoming issue of The Travellist magazine. This will aid participants in their career development towards working as photojournalists in the NGO world, in addition to spotlighting the role of each NGO involved in the Mentorship program.

Read the online issues of The Travellist magazine here.

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