The NGO Photographers Alliance is excited to be holding a Mentorship program with partner organisation Nature Rwanda, a NGO based in the town of Ruhengeri which lies in close proximity to world-renowned Volcanoes National Park, where approximately half of the 400 wild mountain gorillas left in the world can be found. The organisation has the mission of protecting the biodiversity of Rwanda, recognised as having some of the biodiverse environments in Africa. 

This Mentorship program is an intensive 8 day program combining photography workshops, private 1-on-1 mentor feedback sessions as well as participation in NGO-related activities in conjunction with Nature Rwanda. Participants embarking on this Mentorship Program will travel to Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, and tour the genocide memorial to gain an understanding of the bitter history that took place in 1994 in the country. The Mentorship group will then travel to Ruhengeri to meet the staff of Nature Rwanda and embark on a week long program learning more about the environmental initiatives that are being undertaken in the surrounding region, which benefits from ecotourism as one of the mainstays of the local economy.

At the completion of the Mentorship program, participants should have sufficient material to begin putting together a portfolio of NGO-related photography. In addition, participants may be invited to feature their work in the pages of our affiliated humanitarian publication The Travellist magazine.

To reserve a place on the program, a deposit of 25% of the program cost is required. Please access the deposit page here.



Accra, Ghana


4 - 6 persons


To Be Announced

TANF Ghana NGO Photographers Alliance

Children & Youth, Education, Healthcare, Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, Women Development


All Mentorship Programs are run on a by-demand basis. Please use the form below to contact us with your preferred dates of travel.

18 - 25 March, 2019

19 - 26 August, 2019


AUD 2,499


Mentorship Program to Ghana

The NGO Photographers Alliance will be holding a Mentorship program in conjunction with the Anidaso Nsae Foundation (TANF) Ghana, our partner organisation based in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The primary goal of TANF is in providing sponsorship to children who are in extremely needy circumstances or who are orphans, enabling them to attend school and gain access to basic healthcare which help in curing or preventing early childhood diseases. This sponsorship helps them break out of the cycle of poverty that many children, who are often used as child labour for very little pay and in terrible conditions, are trapped in beyond their control. As of date, TANF has successfully sponsored 37 children, placing them in partner schools, whilst also providing extracurricular activities, sports activities and health talks. TANF has also successfully realised a new initiative which provides free health screenings to rural communities and are in the planning stages of opening a new school. TANF are also involved in a number of initiatives that encompass providing support for farming projects, improving existing rural community services and strategies for poverty alleviation. TANF's ongoing goal is to sponsor more and more children with educational opportunities and health services and provide them with a chance at a better, brighter future. 

We would like to see a country with an educated and healthy generation, finding their own solutions for breaking free from the cycle of poverty - TANF Ghana


This Mentorship program is an intensive 8 day program combining photography workshops, private 1 on 1 mentor feedback sessions, participation in NGO-related activities in conjunction with TANF Ghana as well as a day of cultural sightseeing in Accra, allowing time for participants to explore the city and visit a variety of important landmarks. Each program only caters to a small number of participants, thus enabling participants to engage more closely with the mentor as well as members of the NGO and the local community. Participants embarking on this Mentorship Program will visit the office of TANF Ghana and participate in the educational and health initiatives that TANF Ghana are involved in. At the conclusion of the program, participants have the opportunity to continue travelling in Accra or to other cities in Ghana.


How we support our interconnected programs
Sponsorship Program
15% of the funds raised from each Mentorship program goes towards our Sponsorship program, which supports our core objective of combating preventable blindness worldwide.
One Camera for Every Child
10% of the funds raised from each Mentorship program goes into our "One Camera for Every Child" initiative which aims to provide secondhand cameras for our partner NGOs to use in their youth programming.
Mentorship Program
40% of the funds raised from each Mentorship program goes towards sourcing Mentorship requirements (mentor, accommodation, logistics, travel, insurance.)
35% of the funding raised from each Mentorship program goes towards administration and supporting NGO Photographers Alliance members.

hat does the cost include?

The cost for the Mentorship program includes accommodation for the length of the program as well as a complete itinerary comprising of a combination of photography workshops, private 1 on 1 feedback sessions with your mentor, activities carried out in conjunction with the NGO as well as the support and guidance of an experienced photography mentor who will be on hand for the full length of the program. During the days in which participants are involved in NGO activities, participants will be hosted in a guesthouse in Accra. 

The cost of the Mentorship program do not include costs for airfare,  visas (if required), transport between the airport and hotel, travel and health insurance, meals, personal expenses and spending money, police certificate, tips for the mentor or guides, and/or any other non-itinerary related item. 

At the completion of the Mentorship program, participants should have sufficient material to begin putting together a portfolio of NGO-related photography. In addition, participants may be invited to feature their work in the pages of our affiliated humanitarian publication The Travellist magazine. 

When travelling in an African country, it is important to keep an open mind and allow yourself to enjoy the experience and not become frustrated simply because things may be done in a way that is different to what you are used to. Amenities that you may be used to back home may not necessarily be available. Respect the local way of life. Go with an open and understanding attitude. And above all, be patient.

NGO Photographers Alliance TANF Ghana

"Wiafe" | Photography series produced on the Mentorship Program to Ghana | Photography by Piotr Kuzniar | Produced by the NGO Photographers Alliance and TANF Ghana


Please note that this may be subject to changes as required by the needs and criteria of the partner NGO and thus should only be used as a guide. In addition, please note a police certificate is recommended when working with NGOs; a police certificate can be obtained from your local police agency and is worthwhile in obtaining should you plan on working in the NGO field.

Monday, Day 1

Participants arrive in Ghana (via Kotoka International Airport) and make their own way to the hotel in Accra for an overnight stay. Accra is a bustling urban city of over 2 million inhabitants and considered the commercial and economic hub of Ghana, with modern infrastructure, restaurants, cafés and shopping centers. It is also where the government's administrative offices are located. 

The Mentor will be present at the hotel to greet participants.

A group dinner in the evening for participants to introduce themselves and get to know one another.

Briefing to be given by the Mentor.

Tuesday, Day 2


Participants will travel with the Mentor to the office of TANF Ghana where they will meet Laud Akuffo, the Director of the TANF Ghana, for introductions and a meet and greet with the NGO staff. 


Individual 1-on-1 portfolio session with the Mentor discussing participant's current body of work as well as participant's expectations and goals over the course of the program. This is an opportunity to sit down with your program Mentor and discuss individual areas of concerns; strengths and perceived weaknesses; and your career goals moving into the future. 


Free time. Participants will be staying in a separate guesthouse from the NGO and have the possibility to explore the city in their free time.

Wednesday, Day 3


Photography workshop for the participants with the Mentor.


Participation in TANF Ghana activities. The key activity TANF Ghana is involved in is child sponsorship, having successfully sponsored 35 children to attend school. Visit to schools, health talks and orphanages may be scheduled during this time.


Editing time. Participants may choose to work on their portfolio and begin the process of editing their photography.

Thursday, Day 4


Photography workshop for the participants with the Mentor.


Participation in TANF Ghana activities. TANF Ghana periodically organises free health screenings for rural communities which involve huge numbers of local community members attending. TANF Ghana will endeavour to hold a health screening during the time that participants are visiting.


Editing time. Participants may choose to work on their portfolio or use this time for personal exploration of the city for photography-taking. 

Friday, Day 5


Photography workshop for the participants with the Mentor.


Documentary workshop. This includes videography activities with TANF Ghana where participants will be involved in interviewing NGO staff members as well as local community members while identifying ways multimedia can be used to promote the objectives of non profit organisations.


Individual 1-on-1 editing feedback session. This session will be used by your program Mentor to assess your current body of photography produced thus far in the program. Elements of photography editing as well as photography workflow will be discussed. Maintaining an efficient workflow will be touched upon in the workshops but this is an opportunity for your Mentor to assess each participant's system of workflow.

Saturday, Day 6

Day Excursion

A day of cultural sightseeing to visit the landmarks around Accra. There are many points of interest in this city including Independence Square; Osu Castle, originally built by Danish slavers and where the seat of government is located today; the University of Ghana, home to a botanical garden; Jamestown, an active fishing village and considered the oldest part of Accra; and Labadi Beach for those wishing to swim in the Atlantic ocean.


Free time. Group dinner together and discussion / preparation for the video shoot the following day.

Sunday, Day 7

Full Day - Video Shoot

This will be a full day activity involving the participants of the Mentorship program, the staff of TANF Ghana and community members. This is a videography exercise to create a promo video for TANF Ghana for their use in showcasing their humanitarian initiatives. The goal for the NGO Photographers Alliance here is capacity-building. Relevant photography and videography skills need to be demonstrated to the staff of TANF Ghana as well as community members, in addition to exploring concepts of team building, team work and the promotion of self confidence. 

By passing new skills on to the community, this allows developing communities to become more self-reliant and self-capable in building towards a stable and prosperous future. 


Final farewell dinner with Laud Akuffo and the staff of the NGO as well as feedback session between participants and TANF Ghana. Personal anecdotes and shared experiences can be freely discussed during this session. 

Monday, Day 8


Editing time. Participants to finalise their portfolio of NGO photography created over the course of the Mentorship program, ready for discussion in the afternoon.


Final individual one-on-one feedback session with Mentor covering the work carried out over the course of the program. All elements of your portfolio will be discussed.

Have your personal program objectives established in the first feedback session been met? What are your next steps from here on?


Final group dinner together. Debriefing by the Mentor. 

Participants to fly out the next day or continue independent travelling in Accra or to other regions of Ghana the following day.


Additional Information

All participants to the Mentorship program must read and agree to the Mentorship Terms & Conditions before participating in the program. 

Please note that all costs are in AUD (Australian Dollars) unless stated otherwise. Our recommended payment method is via Transferwise as this enables you to pay in your own currency using the mid-market rate, which is the real exchange rate and is significantly higher than those used by banks and/or by your credit and debit card providers. Please proceed to the Shopping Cart page for more information about this payment method (found under direct bank transfer option.)

A deposit equal to 25% of the program cost is required to secure your place on the Mentorship program. The full costs must be paid prior to 4 weeks before the commencement of the program; failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of your deposit. Should a program be unable to progress for any reason, you will be notified at the earliest possible date and your deposit (or other payments) will be returned to you in full.

To reserve your place on the program, please access the deposit page here.

If you have any questions in regards to the Mentorship program, we welcome your inquiries. Please use the contact form below to reach us and we will endeavour to return your inquiry as soon as possible.


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