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DUNK Grassroots

Location: Accra, Ghana

Focus Areas: Community Development, Education, Sports & Recreation, Women Empowerment, Youth & Children 

The aim of DUNK (Developing Unity, Nurturing Knowledge) is to engage children from deprived communities in sporting activity so that they could channel their after-school energy into productive sports activities and keep them away from social vices. Since its inception in Nima in 2011, the project has reached over 650 youth from some of the most impoverished communities in Nima, Hebron, Kokrobite and Jamestown, where the main office is now located.


Location: Ruhengeri, Rwanda

Focus Areas: Climate Change, Conservation, Ecotourism, Environmental Initiatives, Natural Resource Management, Sustainability

Nature Rwanda is a a NGO based in Ruhengeri, Rwanda, which strives for the protection of Rwanda's environment. Their overarching goal is in the conservation of Rwanda's unique ecosystems, ranging from aquatic wetlands to woodlands and forests, and ensuring the ongoing protection of one of Africa's most biodiverse environment. In addition, the NGO pushes for greater awareness among its citizens in regards to environmental issues, climate change and resource management. Nature Rwanda is also involved in the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices. 

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Location: Mwanza, Tanzania

Focus Areas: Climate Change & Pollution, Conservation, Ecotourism, Environmental Initiatives, Natural Resource Management, Species & Habitat Protection, Sustainability

Peace for Conservation is a Tanzania-based organisation working to promote conservation by facilitating educational and sustainability initiatives. By bridging the gap between community involvement and awareness towards conservation, Peace for Conservation works to create positive dynamic change through improved visual awareness in the local community for effective conservation, whilst at the same time improving livelihood opportunities. 


Location: Belo, Cameroon

Focus Areas: Children & Youth, Education, Ecotourism, Environmental Protection, Women Development

The Rural Development Center (RUDEC) is a NGO supporting the rural community of Belo, Cameroon. In 2001, RUDEC Cameroon was conceptualized focusing on the need to alleviate the suffering of children in rural communities; in assisting and empowering women whose rights were being violated; and in developing ecotourism projects as a way to address environmental concerns. RUDEC Cameroon works to identify opportunities, locate resources and establish appropriate partnerships to provide solutions to local communities. 

RUDEC Cameroon NGO Photographers Alliance
NGO Photographers Alliance SURCOD Malawi


Location: Nsanje, Malawi

Focus Areas: Agricultural Development, Community Development, Education, Governance & Democracy, Health & Hygiene, Poverty Alleviation

Sustainable Rural Community Development (SURCOD) Malawi is a NGO that operates in the Nsanje District in the southern region of Malawi. Established in 2006 as a response to the needs and challenges affecting vulnerable communities in Chikwawa and Nsanje, SURCOD Malawi works to empower rural communities to ensure that they have adequate resources and training in order to tackle poverty, gender inequality and lack of access to healthcare.

Location: Riberalta, Bolivia

Focus Areas: Conservation, Ecotourism, Environmental Education & Research, Indigenous Rights, Resource Management, Protection of the Amazon Rainforest

Sustainable Bolivia is one of the largest independently-run NGOs in Bolivia. Based in Riberalta on the banks of the Beni River in close proximity to the Amazon Rainforest, Sustainable Bolivia is actively involved in promoting ecotourism as a generator of the local economy, advancing sustainable conservation practices in order to protect the biodiversity of the rainforest, and supporting environmental education and research as a way to advocate for the protection of the Bolivian Amazon. Sustainable Bolivia facilitates many of their programs in the 20,000 hectare Aquicuana Reserve, which they helped establish in 2016 in collaboration with Pisatahua Ecolodge, the Riberalta Municipality and the communities of San José and Warnes.

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Location: Cosanga, Ecuador

Focus Areas: Children & Youth, Education, Environment & Sustainability, Community Engagement

Sustainable Roots is a community-driven NGO working in Ecuador that aims to initiate and support projects which empower communities to preserve their cultural and natural resources. The NGO is based in the small village of Cosango located in the Andean mountains, devoting much of its work to youth-related issues as well as operating a long term study program to understand the best methods of reforestation as an initiative to offset carbon emissions.

Giving Way for the NGO Photographers Alliance


Website: GivingWay

Facebook: Volunteer Abroad

Instagram: @givingway

GivingWay is a free platform that connects worldwide travelers and grassroots organizations seeking volunteers in a simple and direct manner. In an industry heavily dominated by expensive middlemen, GivingWay believes volunteering should be accessible to all and is leveling the playing field by cutting out all agents and agent fees. With more than 250 active organizations from over 70 countries worldwide, GivingWay makes it possible for even the remotest of organizations to find and to be found by international volunteers. As a social impact company, GivingWay believes that by enabling direct dialog between volunteers and organizations, the matching of skills and needs is enhanced and impact to all involved is maximized.


Website: Via Fair Travel

Facebook: Via Fair Travel

Instagram: @viafairtravel

Via Fair Travel helps travelers come into direct contact with hosts from unique places all over the world in an easy and open manner. Travellers discover the beauty of the planet through immersion opportunities with local cultures and communities. Via Fair Travel represents a travel platform specifically oriented towards sustainable travel experiences in its entirety. 

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