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Our Mission


is to change the time-consuming and expensive process of communicating images by offering organisations extremely low cost access to media material. The Alliance offers talented participants on our Mentorship Programs insight into NGO developmental work and an opportunity to have their work reviewed and possibly published whilst at the same time learning about ethics, codes of conduct and other hands-on aspects of photojournalism.


We support the work of various non-governmental organisations involved in humanitarian developmental work by providing media professionals in projects where their help is needed most, whilst encouraging interaction between agencies and participants in order for both to recognize the different challenges faced in the real environment and to help in facilitating the day to day operations of each organisation.


where dissemination of news takes place with increasing importance via social media, we also place particular emphasis on the necessity of social media and an awareness of the fast-paced nature in which social media evolves. In this regard, we promote the use of different journalistic formats that are commonly used today and push both organisations as well as media professionals to have an understanding of the requirements that such new formats may have as compared to more traditional avenues of information.


of the Alliance is in directly sponsoring patients suffering from blindness-related illnesses, through the establishment of our Sponsorship Program to Combat Preventable Blindness. The NGO Photographers Alliance will be involved in raising awareness about preventable blindness and we look to form partnerships with other like-minded organisations to facilitate this goal and join in the global fight against blindness.

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