NGO Photographers Alliance Ivan Dolnikov Mentor

Ivan Dolnikov

PHOTOGRAPHER | CINEMATOGRAPHER | POET I was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg. Studied art history at The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Smolny College) of St. Petersburg State University. After graduation I worked as a bookseller and then taught cultural studies. Having taken up photography in 2010, I confessed that I had fallen in […]

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Mentors NGO Photographers Alliance

Nemanja Glumac

PHOTOGRAPHER I was born in Belgrade, Serbia. Actually, at that time it was called the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and it has changed names (and borders) 3 times to this date. In just a little over 30 years, I’ve witnessed 3 wars (one of which was the brutal bombing and devastation of my country), […]

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Mentorship Program NGO Photographers Alliance

Welcome to the Alliance

The NGO Photographers Alliance is a collective of photographers, social activists, humanitarians and other creatives sharing an interest in NGO photography. Established on 25 August, 2016, we support the work of NGOs and look for ways to enhance, collaborate and cross-promote the interests and goals of our members, as well as our partner organisations. The […]

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