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An Australian-Based Organisation with International Members

The NGO Photographers Alliance is a collective of photographers, writers, social activists, humanitarians and other creatives whose common bond is a shared interest in photography relating to the NGO world. It is the leading organisation and the first to offer a specialised photography program in the field of NGO and ethical photography.

The central objective of the Alliance is in aiding NGOs that work in combating preventable blindness worldwide. To aid in this objective, a future sponsorship program will directly support patients in developing communities who are suffering from blindness or blindness-related illness. Alongside this initiative, our flagship program is the Mentorship Program in NGO Photography in which participants are embedded with a partner NGO where they are able to observe and participate in the activities of the NGO, whilst an on-hand mentor provides guidance in the field of social and humanitarian photography.

We are always open to hearing from fellow humanitarians and photographers who have ideas to help expand our programs.



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The field of NGO work is a vast and interconnected world, relying on the resources and abilities of individuals to bring about positive change. In supporting its members, the NGO Photographers Alliance promotes strategies that develop the following:


To build the necessary skills and knowledge to understand what NGOs are looking for in photographers


Developing the technical as well as practical skills required for this specific field of work


To understand issues of ethics concerning the developing world


Realising and anticipating the challenges that comes with working as a NGO photographer

Above all, we emphasize the notion of "photography with empathy,"

an understanding that photography can be used as a powerful medium to elicit a better change in the world if told through a humanly and interconnected approach.


NGO stands for "non-governmental organisation" and is used to describe any non-profit organisation or voluntary group that operate independently of government entities. NGOs can have any number of objectives, including fighting against global poverty, promoting developmental initiatives, protecting the environment and working in the defense of human rights. Some widely known NGOs include the Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, Oxfam, Greenpeace and World Vision. Regardless of their function, the common denominator for all NGOs are their non-profit status regardless of their structure or type.


The NGO Photographers Alliance support NGOs that demonstrate 5 core aspects: ethical approach, sustainability, capacity-building, community involvement, and result acquisition. In particular, we take a keen interest in promoting the work of NGOs that are involved in protecting the human rights of those who may be socially, politically or culturally disadvantaged. The NGO Photographers Alliance is not a NGO itself; we support NGOs who directly act as a link for us with the local communities or local initiatives that they support. Our primary method is to provide media material for our partner NGOs at no cost which is freely available for their use, provided the use of such material serves to further their own objectives.


For organisations: The NGO Photographers Alliance relies on partnerships and cross-collaboration in enhancing the programs which the Alliance operates, whilst providing support where it can to promote the goals of other organisations. Please contact us to discuss partnership or collaborative opportunities.

For individuals: Stay connected and follow our social media accounts for future openings and up to date news about the latest Alliance events. Alternatively, to submit an expression of interest, contact us with a link to your portfolio and let us know how you can help us expand our programs.

Meet the team

    Ryner St John
    Founder & Director
    Daniel Joseph Pye
    Business Development Manager
    Thomas Owen
    Legal Administrator
    Bethany Blundell
    International Public Relations
    Branislav Bieleny
    Creative Design
    Melissa Sarramalho
    Digital Marketing
    Yana Dechanet
    Marketing & Communications
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To connect, engage, and broaden your thinking


To utilise photography as a medium to elicit positive change in the world


The freedom in having a choice and the protection of that right


Self-determination and equality as rights to all individuals
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