Manuel Eladio Delgado


Manuel is a documentary and travel photographer whose work has encompassed a wide range of fields. He is currently a brand ambassador for Cokin and a current Coloratti Pro, as well as holding the position of CSR manager for travel group Trivago, a position that entails organizing charitable opportunities with local institutions such as Diakonie. His past experience in the NGO field has included visualizing projects for Caritas in Albania, Child Aid Network (India), Svitac (Bosnia), as well as collaborations with companies including BenQ and Manfrotto, among others.

Since he first picked up a camera, Manuel has traveled to more than 45 countries. Finding new stories to tell on every journey and each stranger an intriguing subject in every image, Manuel endeavors to capture the essence of the places he leaves behind.
Driven by an innate curiosity for his surroundings, Manuel’s process focuses on capturing people in their natural environment and translating through his lens the subtle threads of daily life that are shared across cultures, borders, and races. Depicting people from diverse backgrounds, his photography work is united by a shared aesthetic that serves to tell each individual’s story.

Manuel is based in Dusseldorf and is certified by the National German Association for Professional Photographers (Centralverband Deutscher Berufsfotografen.) Currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany, his work has been exhibited in both Europe and the Americas.

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