“Wiafe” Visual Project

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His mother being a subsistence farmer, while his father has abandoned them, Wiafe spends 2 to 3 days of each week helping out on a small plot of land where they grow crops to provide food for himself, his younger brother and his mother. Unable to attend school daily due to the distance and the costs, Wiafe struggles just to pay the 1.5 Ghanaian cedis (approximately 37 cents) to buy lunch at school.

Current project on the communities living under the poverty line in rural areas of Ghana, often with 5 or more members of the family living together in single room structures with no electricity, running water, or even bedding to sleep on.

The “Anidaso” Poverty Alleviation Initiative run by the NGO Photographers Alliance will look into ways to assist these families, dependent on each specific circumstance.

Photographer: PiotrKuzniar
Produced in collaboration with the NGO Photographers Alliance and TANF Ghana

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