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I was born in Belgrade, Serbia. Actually, at that time it was called the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and it has changed names (and borders) 3 times to this date. In just a little over 30 years, I’ve witnessed 3 wars (one of which was the brutal bombing and devastation of my country), one revolution and the assassination of one of our Prime Ministers. Being exposed to such troublesome events and history in my own country gives me the strength and patience today when working with sensitive groups of people struck with war, natural disasters, or civil disorder. I have also developed a much better understanding and far greater respect for other cultures and their fate.

My formal education was tied to Architecture from which I hold a Masters Degree. It was in the middle of my studies that I fell in love with photography. Terminally. 

I have worked as a professional photographer for the last 10 years. It pays my bills, my trips around the world and it keeps me alive, or at least, gives me a very good reason for it. Vagabond and restless at heart, I have embarked on many journeys which have led me to many different countries and continents. South East Asia was home for 2 years of my life. I have many homes and I have none. The road is the home.

One of my major passions is teaching and sharing my knowledge with others, as well as listening to their stories and always learning something new. Sharing truly is caring. After all, isn’t that what we’re put on this Earth for, anyway?


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