Ivan Dolnikov

NGO Photographers Alliance Ivan Dolnikov Mentor


I was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg. Studied art history at The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Smolny College) of St. Petersburg State University. After graduation I worked as a bookseller and then taught cultural studies.
Having taken up photography in 2010, I confessed that I had fallen in love with it even before I realized it. Since 2016 I have been working as a photographer, event manager and DOP. I studied the art of taking photographs only by myself: by making observations and practicing. 

I adore travelling! The road cures, makes you think about the future and the past, eliminates the unnecessary, and inspires something surprisingly new. And, of course, I cannot imagine travelling without my camera. My camera is my eyes and vision on the road.

My favourite genre is street photography. It is a great thing to find a common language with a stranger in a foreign country, capture a piece of their everyday life, knowing that it is the first and the last time you see each other.

In photography the most important is the person. It is the hardest thing – to capture a person. But that is why it becomes the most wanted. I love minimalism in photography. The art of Caravaggio and Ribera helped me to correctly understand the meaning of the person or character in the frame. Like teaching, learning and sharing something that I understand with the help of photography.

Staff photographer at Freedom Palace and Bloody Mary Bar. Shooting for Taiga creative platform, Fish Fabrique club. Cooperating with such music projects as Dikajee, Rhythmic Fingas, Ivatu. Since 2013 working with the Australian travel e-zine The Travellist, my photo-reports and articles from my trips to Italy, Armenia, Baltic states, Scandinavia and other countries are published there. Member of the NGO Photographers Alliance.

From time to time I also write poetry and short prose. I like to combine this with my photo-sketches. The correct synthesis of these two makes the magic happen: the shot and the text acquire new colours and meanings.

I am also interested in tattoo, and consider it a really serious and fully developing form of art. Working on the development and promotion of my own small tattoo studio. 

I think that creative people should turn their ideas into reality using all methods available, work hard and believe in themselves.


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