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  1. NGO Photographers Alliance Humanitarian Photography Workshops Tours Travel

    Conservation Through Sports

    Peace for Conservation is a Tanzanian NGO that advocates for the protection of wildlife and uses innovative programs to combat wildlife poaching in the national parks of Tanzania. One such program is the annual soccer tournament held with villages neighbouring Seregenti National Park to raise awareness to the threats of poaching and environmental destruction.
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  2. NGO Photographers Alliance Photography For A Cause Humanitarian Photography Workshops Tours

    Anidaso – Hope Through Microfinancing

    The NGO Photographers Alliance joins the The Anidaso Nsae Foundation (TANF) Ghana in the implementation of a long term program that assists girls and women by providing skills training, transport subsidies, and tools necessary for the start up of their individual micro-businesses, with the objective of ensuring their eventual economic self-sufficiency.
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Laud Kwaku Akuffo

NGO Photographers Alliance Humanitarian Photography Workshops Tours Travel

It’s been a very wonderful time working with the NGO Photographers Alliance for some years now at the grassroots level of our projects here in Ghana. As the director of Ghanaian-based charity The Anidaso Nsae Foundation (TANF Ghana), I can testify working with them is not only about photography but touching many lives in our local communities!

Executive Director | The Anidaso Nsae Foundation (TANF Ghana)

Rachael Umbriano

NGO Photographers Alliance Humanitarian Photography Workshops Tours Travel

The Mentorship Program provided an unparalleled opportunity to work directly with an NGO whilst fine tuning both soft and technical skills. The experience and connections made went far beyond the initial scope of the program. I look forward to seeing where the Mentorship Program goes next!

Photography participant | Ecuador Program

Clau Silva

NGO Photographers Alliance Humanitarian Photography Workshops Tours Travel

I had the opportunity to attend the Mentorship to Ecuador with Sustainable Roots as host organization. The program exceeded my expectations and as a novice photographer, the workshops were excellent. Our mentor on this occasion was Cédric von Niederhäusern, a young but experienced photographer who showed us techniques and information of great utility throughout the workshops. Looking forward to attend to another Mentorship soon!

Photography participant | Ecuador Program

Flavia Müller

NGO Photographers Alliance Humanitarian Photography Workshops Tours Travel

The Mentorship Program in Ecuador was so much more than I expected. In fact, I did not have many expectations other than to improve my photography, to learn a lot about “the job” and to volunteer with yet another great NGO (Sustainable Roots in Ecuador). At the end of the week, there was so much more on the plus side than before. Of course, the landscapes, the volunteering etc. that was all excellent, but who could have known about the charm of all people in Cosanga and our group of photographers and volunteers. Every single one of them made their way directly into my heart and will stay there for sure. The people of Cosanga welcomed us into their lives with a kindness so big I have hardly witnessed anywhere before. Would I do it again? Hell yes! Will I do it again? I am already checking out the next Mentorship Programs on the website…

Photography participant | Ecuador Program

François Struzik

François Struzik NGO Photographers Alliance

The NGO in Ghana where NGO Photographers Alliance sent me on assignment as a mentor, was a small scale grassroots organisation with a very committed staff. We’ve had the opportunity to be on the field, in various situation, every day and to focus on the very issues the population is facing in Ghana.

Photojournalist & Editor | Namur, Belgium

Penny Husted-Gamm

NGO Photographers Alliance Humanitarian Photography Workshops Tours Travel

We recently participated in the Mentorship Program to Ghana with the NGO Photographers Alliance and I am so glad we did. There is no substitute for learning in the field. Our mentor was very professional, approachable, and a great teacher. He took our learning seriously and worked to help us grow. In one short week I noticed improvement in my images, and changed how I looked at each new shooting situation. After participating in the workshop, I feel confident in being able to help an NGO with their photographic needs. I’d recommend anyone interested in NGO photography to sign up for a Mentorship Program and get hands on training in the field.

Photography participant | Ghana Program

Barry Dunning

NGO Photographers Alliance Humanitarian Photography Workshops Tours Travel

Ryner from the NGO Photographers Alliance spent several weeks with us at Rachel House Foundation in November 2017. He took amazing photos of our work, taking the time to really get to know our patients before even picking up his camera. His empathy shines through in his photos as does his talent and attention to detail.

Communications Strategist | Rachel House Foundation (Indonesia)
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