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Batey Rehab Project
Mentorship Program in NGO Photography

Location: Barahona, Dominican Republic
Schedule: 16 – 23 July, 2018 
Length: 8 days 
Focus Areas: Community Development, Fair Trade, Population & Human Settlement, Social & Cultural Development, Sustainability

Please book your place on this Mentorship program here.


Bolivia Digna 
Mentorship Program in NGO Photography

Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Schedule: To Be Scheduled – Contact Us for Dates
Length: 8 days
Focus Areas: Community Development, Education, Health & Hygiene, Poverty Alleviation, Youth Empowerment

Please book your place on this Mentorship program here.


Peace for Conservation
Safari Program in NGO Photography

Location: Mwanza, Tanzania
Schedule: 18 – 27 July, 2018 or 20 – 29 August, 2018
Length: 10 days
Focus Areas: Climate Change & Pollution, Conservation, Ecotourism, Environmental Initiatives, Natural Resource Management, Species & Habitat Protection, Sustainability

Please book your place on this Mentorship program here.


SURCOD Development 
Safari Program in NGO Photography

Location: Nsanje, Malawi
Schedule: 22 – 29 October, 2018
Length: 8 days
Focus Areas: Agricultural Development, Community Development, Education, Governance & Democracy, Health & Hygiene, Poverty Alleviation

Please book your place on this Mentorship program here.


Sustainable Roots
Young Photographers Program in NGO Photography

Location: Cosanga, Ecuador
Schedule: 21 – 28 May, 2018
8 days
Focus Areas:
Children & Youth, Education, Environment & Sustainability, Community Engagement & Development

Please book your place on this Mentorship program here.


TANF Ghana
Mentorship Program in NGO Photography

Location: Accra, Ghana
Schedule: To Be Scheduled – Contact Us For Dates
Focus Areas:
Children & Youth, Education, Healthcare, Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, Women Development
8 days 

Please book your place on this Mentorship program here.



As an alternative to mainstream media which relies on sensationalist images to push for conclusions, a desire to portray the voices of those in the developing world without judgement is needed to achieve real change and understanding. The NGO Photographers Alliance offers a Mentorship Program for participants who hold an interest in the area of photography specializing in NGO work. The program will install participants within a connected NGO, allowing access to the work that the NGO carries out within the local population and giving them the opportunity to witness first-hand the effects that associated projects have on the local community. An in-country photography mentor will accompany them over the course of the Mentorship program to the project country and offer hands-on guidance to the field of photography geared towards the NGO world, providing their expertise in capturing images with empathy and humanity and in a way that is beneficial to the work that the NGOs are involved in.


It is fundamental that participants realise and conduce the methods in which communities wish their voices to be heard; how photography is conducted to convey and interpret these voices; and how this translates to informed consent among the subjects of the participants’ photography.

The work generated by participants during the Mentorship will also have the possibility to be featured in our official publication, The Travellist.

Mentorship Fee

Please refer to individual Mentorship programs for their respective costs. Each Mentorship will be run under the guidance of a mentor who will be on hand for the full length of the course. The Mentorship program is conducted in English though assigned mentors may be bilingual and fluent in more than one language.


Participants are immersed in the working environment of a connected NGO and receive practical advice from an experienced mentor, whilst interacting with other photographers and observing first hand the developmental work undertaken in a local community. All participants will have the option to have their photography featured in an issue of The Travellist Magazine.

NGOs will benefit by having access to media material at little or no cost, potentially saving them a significant proportion of their budget, whilst having the opportunity in conveying specific requirements to a pool of photographers under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

Communities are presented with an alternate venue in expressing their voice. Through their interaction with photographers whose presence are not diminished to just a fleeting moment, an understanding of the lives and challenges that such communities face on an every day basis can be better construed and empathized leading to a greater sense of social responsibility for all involved.


Participants may submit a selection of their photography / writing / film to the Alliance within 30 days after completion of the Mentorship which will be provided for the partner NGO to use in promoting their own objectives, should the participant wish to do so.

The Alliance takes no responsibility for the participants’ obligations; however, it will do its utmost to ensure the participants embarking on the Mentorship accept and work towards meeting this cause should they choose to do so.

Partner NGOs will be encouraged to send the Alliance a review of each program trip, ensuring that all members of the Alliance receive the possibility to further improve their work, whilst providing feedback that will be used to enhance future Mentorship programs.

Program Notes

Each program will be led by a Mentor assigned by the NGO Photographers Alliance to lead the course. As part of the itinerary, participants will be scheduled to hold individual one-on-one sessions with the mentor to discuss their work in detail. There will be one session at the start of the program for participants to showcase their current portfolio (if they are in possession of one) and to discuss their immediate goals and desired learning outcomes from the Mentorship program. A second individual feedback session with the mentor will also be held on the last day of the program in which photography taken over the course of the program can be assessed in detail with the mentor.

Participants should strive to leave the Mentorship program with enough material to begin constructing a portfolio of their NGO photography work.

Upcoming Programs

Information regarding each Mentorship program can be found on their respective pages as listed above or alternatively, use the contact form below to reach us and we will endeavour to answer your queries as soon as possible.

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