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Abriendo Mentes NGO Photographers Alliance The Travellist Magazine


Locations: Playa Potrero and Brasilito in the region of Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Focus Areas: Children & Youth, Education, Community Development, Society, Social Enterprise, Empowerment of Women

Abriendo Mentes is a NGO that operates in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, working with local communities to enhance their educational and economic opportunities by directly engaging with rural and underprivileged individuals. Through a variety of programs addressing both youth and adult needs, Abriendo Mentes focuses on promoting community development by emphasizing on youth programs, adult education, methods to empower women's economic opportunities, as well as raising awareness in regards to health issues and the local environment.


Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia

Focus Areas: Community Development, Children & Youth, Education, Health & Nutrition, Poverty Alleviation

Bolivia Digna is a small, locally-run charity based in Cochabamba, Bolivia, that supports children and young adults living in some of the poorest communities in one of the poorest countries in Latin America. As the primary strategy for poverty alleviation and community development, Bolivia Digna emphasizes on education for pre-school children and children of school age, in addition to implementing projects that benefit their families, their community and the environment in which they live. 

Bolivia Digna NGO Photographers Alliance
Peace for Conservation NGO Photographers Alliance


Location: Mwanza, Tanzania

Focus Areas: Climate Change & Pollution, Conservation, Ecotourism, Environmental Initiatives, Natural Resource Management, Species & Habitat Protection, Sustainability

Peace for Conservation is a Tanzania-based organisation working to promote conservation by facilitating educational and sustainability initiatives. By bridging the gap between community involvement and awareness towards conservation, Peace for Conservation works to create positive dynamic change through improved visual awareness in the local community for effective conservation, whilst at the same time improving livelihood opportunities. 


Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia

Focus Areas: Children & Youth, Micro-Enterprise, Health, Education, Food Program

Performing Life Bolivia is a NGO that works to help impoverished youth who work or live on the streets of Cochabamba, Bolivia, by teaching them essential life skills to help them avoid the pitfalls of drugs and delinquency, as well as providing them with the opportunity to attain an education. The flagship program of the NGO is a Circus Arts program which began in 2006 and is the oldest of the organisation's youth programs, allowing participants to engage in various circus-related activities that helps them build confidence and self-esteem, develop coordination and improve concentration. 

Performing Life Bolivia NGO Photographers Alliance The Travellist
RUDEC Cameroon NGO Photographers Alliance


Location: Belo, Cameroon

Focus Areas: Children & Youth, Education, Ecotourism, Environmental Protection, Women Development

Website: RUDEC Cameroon

The Rural Development Center (RUDEC) is a NGO supporting the rural community of Belo, Cameroon. In 2001, RUDEC Cameroon was conceptualized focusing on the need to alleviate the suffering of children in rural communities; in assisting and empowering women whose rights were being violated; and in developing ecotourism projects as a way to address environmental concerns. RUDEC Cameroon works to identify opportunities, locate resources and establish appropriate partnerships to provide solutions to local communities. 


Location: Multiple locations in Rajasthan, India (Jodhpur city, Setrawa and Solankiya Tala villages)

Focus Areas: Empowerment of Women (focusing on supporting girls and women from Dalit communities who experience discrimination as a result of their gender, their caste and their socio-economic status), Education, Health, Micro-Enterpise

Sambhali Trust is a NGO that works to support disadvantaged girls and women from communities in Rajasthan, India, through initiatives that work to empower women as role models in their society; by providing educational opportunities that impart upon women self-esteem, confidence as well as vocational and social skills, women are alleviated from the discrimination and poverty that they encounter within their communities as a result of their gender, caste and socio-economic status.

Semilla Nueva NGO Photographers Alliance


Location: Pacific Coastal region of Southern Guatemala (Departments of Retalhuleu and Suchitepequez)

Focus Areas: Agriculture & Food, Community Development, Environment, Economics, Food Security, Health & Nutrition, Science & Technology, Sustainable Farming

Semilla Nueva is a Guatemalan NGO committed to developing strategies in aiding Guatemalan farmers face the profound environmental, political and structural challenges that they encounter in their farming practices. Operating in the southern Pacific Coastal region of Guatemala, Semilla Nueva currently partners with 25 rural communities, playing a vital role working directly alongside smallholder farmers in the push for lasting food security, better nutrition and longstanding solutions to the problems of malnutrition and poverty.


Location: Nsanje, Malawi

Focus Areas: Agricultural Development, Community Development, Education, Governance & Democracy, Health & Hygiene, Poverty Alleviation

Sustainable Rural Community Development (SURCOD) Malawi is a NGO that operates in the Nsanje District in the southern region of Malawi. Established in 2006 as a response to the needs and challenges affecting vulnerable communities in Chikwawa and Nsanje, SURCOD Malawi works to empower rural communities to ensure that they have adequate resources and training in order to tackle poverty, gender inequality and lack of access to healthcare.

NGO Photographers Alliance SURCOD Malawi
Sustainable Roots NGO Photographers Alliance The Travellist


Location: Cosanga, Ecuador

Focus Areas: Children & Youth, Education, Environment & Sustainability, Community Engagement

Sustainable Roots is a community-driven NGO working in Ecuador that aims to initiate and support projects which empower communities to preserve their cultural and natural resources. The NGO is based in the small village of Cosango located in the Andean mountains, devoting much of its work to youth-related issues as well as operating a long term study program to understand the best methods of reforestation as an initiative to offset carbon emissions.


Location: Accra, Ghana

Focus Areas: Children & Youth, Education, Healthcare, Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, Women Development

The Anidaso Nsae Foundation (TANF) is a NGO based in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. TANF is dedicated to helping the neediest people in Ghana, providing free education and healthcare through partnerships with schools and health facilities to provide solutions to those who face poverty or remote and challenging lifestyles. The primary goal of TANF is in providing sponsorship to children who are in extremely needy circumstances or who are orphans, enabling them to attend school and gain access to basic healthcare which help in curing or preventing early childhood diseases. 

TANF Ghana NGO Photographers Alliance
Giving Way for the NGO Photographers Alliance


Website: GivingWay

Facebook: Volunteer Abroad

Instagram: @givingway

GivingWay is a free platform that connects worldwide travelers and grassroots organizations seeking volunteers in a simple and direct manner. In an industry heavily dominated by expensive middlemen, GivingWay believes volunteering should be accessible to all and is leveling the playing field by cutting out all agents and agent fees. With more than 250 active organizations from over 70 countries worldwide, GivingWay makes it possible for even the remotest of organizations to find and to be found by international volunteers. As a social impact company, GivingWay believes that by enabling direct dialog between volunteers and organizations, the matching of skills and needs is enhanced and impact to all involved is maximized.


Website: Via Fair Travel

Facebook: Via Fair Travel

Instagram: @viafairtravel

Via Fair Travel helps travelers come into direct contact with hosts from unique places all over the world in an easy and open manner. Travellers discover the beauty of the planet through immersion opportunities with local cultures and communities. Via Fair Travel represents a travel platform specifically oriented towards sustainable travel experiences in its entirety.