Justice Kalebe NGO Photographers Alliance

Justice Kalebe

    HUMANITARIAN PHOTOGRAPHER Justice Kalebe is a Mosotho photographer who has been working in international development for the past 15 years with both British and Australian NGOs, managing and supporting international volunteers working in communities across southern Africa. His passion for NGO photography started when his interest in humanitarian photography began to infiltrate his […]

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NGO Photographers Alliance photography

Daniele Romeo

  DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHER Dan is an independent photographer specialising in documenting cultures and exploring real and traditional ways of life. His interests are on subjects that focus on education, sanitation, women’s rights, children’s rights, labour conditions, undiscovered cultures and ethnic groups in danger of extinction. Dan graduated from his studies in Italy and held management […]

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Cedric von Niederhäusern NGO Photographers Alliance photography

Cédric von Niederhäusern

PHOTOGRAPHER | DOCUMENTARIES Cédric is a documentary photographer currently based in New York who works extensively as a photographer and photo editor. Born in Bern, Switzerland, Cédric graduated from the Visual Journalism & Documentary Practice program at the International Center of Photography, New York, where he is currently holds the position of teaching assistant to […]

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Sydney Pensky NGO Photographers Alliance photography

Sydney Pensky

PHOTOGRAPHER | MULTIMEDIA STORYTELLING Sydney Pensky is an American-Israeli freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based in New York City, with a BA from the University of Delaware. While studying for her undergraduate degree, Sydney was already a well-known freelance photographer in her home town of Newark, Delaware, often shooting for local newspapers and magazines. After […]

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Japan Land of the Rising Sun NGO Photographers Alliance

Japan, Land of the Rising Sun

Foreword by Valeria Nogina // Photography by Angie Kong


Japan, Land of the Rising Sun for The Travellist Magazine

Tokyo has hardly any big differences from any other big cities in the world with all its noise, heat, crowds, huge screens and luxury shops. In a big city, a human has no personality – like a cockroach, living in almost every building of this concrete hell.

Why don’t you emigrate?

Because no one needs you here. Actually, no one needs you anywhere, including your motherland. The only who needs you is yourself. So that’s why developing and creating yourself is the only thing worth doing, wherever you are.

Here in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, they have the ideal society of introverts, and here you feel your inner loneliness more than anywhere else. But accidentally, here you understand that your inner loneliness is the only treasure you really have.

Only by having merged with it can you really open your heart to the beauty of the world.


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Red Sails NGO Photographers Alliance

A Glimpse into St Petersburg

 Written by Daniel Joseph Pye // Photography by Tatiana Moshkova The aptly named cultural centre and formal capital of Russia instantaneously captivates swathes of visitors with its majestic palaces, elegant architecture, picturesque canals, and rich history (preserved, for example, in its seemingly endless collection of museums, galleries, and theatres.) Often heralded as Russia’s most European […]

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Republic of Kosovo NGO Photographers Alliance

The Republic of Kosovo

Written by Daniel Joseph Pye // Photography by Dženis Aslani

It’s difficult to recall the last time the entirety of the world lay serene and without conflict occurring somewhere within its extensive territory. Economic tensions and military campaigns often garner front page headlines as geopolitical interests and strategies assume full operation. The aftermath of any mediation, intervention and resolution of such a conflict is often debated and all those associated with the place or event often present significantly differing opinions. The picturesque, mountainous state of Kosovo is one such example.

Kosovo NGO Photographers Alliance


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Bhavesh Bhati NGO Photographers Alliance photography

Bhavesh Bhati

PHOTOGRAPHER | CINEMATOGRAPHER My name is Bhavesh Bhati and I am a visual storyteller. I studied Photography & Visual Communication at the Jamia Millia Islamia. Over the past three years, I have been working as a photographer and cinematographer in the field of commercial and documentary work. Having the passion for human-centric subjects, I believe it […]

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Stephen Guenther NGO Photographers Alliance photography

Stephen Guenther

PHOTOGRAPHER | EDITOR | FILMMAKER My first camera came at a very young age. Just noting that it was a Mickey Mouse camera says it all. While in my senior year of undergraduate studies in Visual Psychology, I joined a friend working in the darkroom on a senior project in Architecture. It was at that […]

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San Marino NGO Photographers Alliance The Travellist

Visiting the Most Serene Republic of San Marino

Russian photographer Ivan Dolnikov travels to San Marino, one of the oldest surviving republics in the world, to experience the annual Medieval Days festival firsthand. Photography and article by Ivan Dolnikov The oldest European republic, San Marino, located on the Monte Titano mountain slope, surrounded by Italy, is truly a pearl of the Apennine peninsula. Founded […]

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